Weapon of Legacy

weapon (melee)

+4 Keen Longsword


Retsyn Jarl, as leader of the Human tribes, and in honour of his early service to the
dwarven people during the great war, was bestowed a great longsword reputedly
carved from the tooth of a gold dragon.
The sword was presented to the chieftain by Augold, Lord of Dragon’s Keep. (Legend
says the tooth came from Bahamut himself and thus it is considered a holy weapon by
many.) Thus was dubbed the very first Champion of Bahamut, and the sword came
to be known as Goldenfang, in honour of its heritage.
When the drow entered the war, Retsyn used the sword to great effect against them,
slaying hundreds of the underdwellers. But despite that, Retsyn and the human
tribes could not save the dwarven race, though it is thought that their efforts saved many of
the dwarven cities from total destruction by their enemies.
Goldenfang was sealed in Retsyn’s sarcophagus but vanished while his body lay in
state, eventually passing out of memory and into myth. Legends say that Bahamut
himself took the sword and hide it on the Astral plane until another true champion
would discover it in time of need and wield it once more against a new tide of evil.
The Prophecy of Harrold alludes to a weapon named the “Bridge of Blood” with a
‘golden’ edge, possibly alluding to this very sword. It is thought that when this
legendary weapon is found, it will bridge the years, bringing Retsyn Jarl’s rightful
bloodline back to the throne of Jarl, which has been ruled by a long line of dukes ever
In a miraculous discovery, the Seekers discovered the sword in the possession of a Githyanki
raiding party, whom they defeated. The weapon was disguised as one of their silver
Goldenfang is a +4 keen longsword. It is made of bone and thus not susceptible to
Heat Metal and such spells that affect metal. It glows with a bright golden light that
emanates in a 20’ radius. As a Weapon of Legacy, it has more powers that will be
revealed as its wielder increases in levels and abilities.


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