World of Harran

Seekers Mission 3, Session One

New Ownership

Date: July 7, 2010 (Diva 8-9)
Experience Gained:
Tyria (Levels!) – 2000 xp
Skeeve – 1650 xp
Rolaids (Levels!) & Lucyfer – 975 xp
Almedenous & Delmer – 700 xp

Loot Gained
Magic Gained:
Bag of Holding Type I
Pearl of Power
Bracers of Quick Strike
Demolition Crystal vs. Golems
Clasp of Energy Protection (Lesser Acid Protection)
Unicorn Pendant

There is no rest for the wicked as the party departs the Tower of the Progenitors. The Seekers are feeling a bit smug, satisfied with not only gaining a piece of the Fist of Harrold, but for also defeating a Tsuli raiding party, likewise intent on stealing part of the coveted artefact.
Just as they were wiping the blood from their weapons and the grins from their faces, the ground beneath the group trembled, rumbled and ultimately split open to reveal the largest bullette the party had ever seen. Skeeve prepared a Ray of Enfeeblement as the beast charged Rolaids, but not quick enough, and the big ranger went down for the count, knocked cold and silly from the force of the impact. Meanwhile the rest of the group disposed of the creature.
The Seekers make for New Chicago via Teleport. Rolaids has an audience with the big cheese Ranger, who tells him of giants gathering to the northwest of the city and that the assault on Darkspyre continues.
The party sends a message to Logan who arrives shortly thereafter. The Seekers speak of the marvels of the Tower of the Progenitors and of the fascinating weapons and artifacts gained from within. Logan seems to take great interest in their findings. He also mentions the progress of the Defenders of Harran. Logan was not pleased to learn that a Tsuli Expeditiary Force had also gained the tower and were likewise looking for the Finger of Harrold. In a surprising move, he granted full ownership and title of the Tower of the Progenitors to the Seekers for their dedication to the cause and for gaining the finger.

How legally binding this grant is remains to be seen as the party wonders about Logan’s seeming absolute authority over regions outside of his title.
In another even more surprising twist, Logan makes available some magic for trade to the Seekers:
Bag of Holding Type I, Pearl of Power (level 2), Bracers of Quick Strike, Demolition Crystal vs. Golems, Clasp of Energy Protection (Lesser Acid Protection), Unicorn Pendant

Logan provides more information to the group. He notes that displaced Jarl forces are aiding New Chicago troops in the siege of Jarl. Rolaids asks about Roogna, but Logan says not much has been heard out of there of late, only that giantish marauders have been seen around the duchy and that there is some sort of military action going on east of the capital. He notes that there are some Roognian forces assisting in the siege of Darkspyre, but that they are a token force at best.
Logan hints that a quick foray by the Seekers to Roogna might help lift the veil of uncertainty surrounding the duchy.



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